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A QR code menu is a digital menu accessible via a mobile application or website. The development of technology and the number of mobile users has increased day by day, which has forced all sectors to make use of the potential of technology.

That’s why the QR code digital menu has been introduced by WEBFETCHER Company and also it has now become a popular industry trend.

Instead of placing the order via waiter, customers can simply scan the code with their Smartphone to make the purchase. This also lets restaurants provide more menu choices at an affordable cost.

The menu is displayed with QR codes that users can scan on their mobiles. The customers can also browse through the menu. Customers place orders and pay without any other staff member. We can conclude that QR menus are an efficient management tool that saves lots of time both for the restaurant members as well as customers.

With WEBFETCHER latest QR code digital menu you can convert your menus from traditional to stunning digital menus

How to use QR Code Digital Menu?

1. Registration
2. Customise your menu
3. Edit, add or view the menu
4. Create your QR Code menu
5. You can add special discounts or special offers
6. Share your Menu with your customers

How to use QR Code Digital Menu?

Create your digital menu easily within minutes

QR codes or Quick Response codes are an excellent way to add an options menu to your advertising or signage. These tiny QR codes can be read with the camera on a Smartphone and Google lens. They can be used to add extra interaction and also. For instance, you could include a QR code in your menu which, when scanned will open your menu in digital format.

Create your digital menu today and see how it boosts your sales!

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