Top 10 Tips to Increase Sales from eCommerce Portal

Are you running an eCommerce store? Here are the 10 tips that will boost your sales-

Know your customer:

To increase the sale of any eCommerce store, first, you should know everything about your customer. It can include age group, gender, interest, behavior, disposable income and more.

Store optimization:

Another most important tip is to optimize your eCommerce store that any customer can easily access. It can include SEO and SEM optimization, mobile responsive store, user interface and more.

Develop multiple landing pages:

Creating more than one landing page helps you get better results than a single landing page. As multiple landing pages help you target multiple types of audiences.

Easy to navigate:

As per the customer behaviors, most of them do not like websites that are hard to operate. Therefore, your eCommerce store should have easy to access menu that has relevant categories of products and services that you are offering.

Use HD images:

Images plays a crucial role in the mind of the customer. As per a study, it is easy to attract customers through visuals. So always make sure to use HD and relevant product thumbnails. 

Include recommendation:

Word of mouth is still a number one strategy to spread your brand. But, you can also use this strategy in your eCommerce store.  Including clear recommendations can help your customer easily checkout.

Use email marketing:

Email marketing is among the most effective strategy that every eCommerce business should focus on. Start sending emails to different segments of your customer database. Tell them about your new arrivals and offers. Results will be magical.

Use social media to promote your store:

If your business is not on social media then you are out of business. Social media is the most used platform in today’s time. Build your community on social media.

Create a sense of urgency:

Stores that create urgency in the mind of customers get better results. For example, many eCommerce stores include discount countdowns that influence customers to buy instantly.

Include customer reviews and ratings:

Today, top eCommerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart use this feature to help customers buy better products. Moreover, the customer trusts the product has a good rating.

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