15 Compelling SEO Statistics and Facts For 2022

You know that your business impacts a lot with SEO, now the question is how can you maximize your company’s growth and revenue with SEO? And how you can convince your company decision-makers to use SEO and prove that it is the right strategy for the business. And here comes research proof statistics, that demonstrate why your company need to use SEO.

So let’s look at 15 compelling SEO statistics and facts for 2022.

  1. Statistics from search engines
  • Search engines have a significant impact on our lives, influencing how we purchase, entertain ourselves, and learn new things.
  • For 68 per cent of online experiences, search engines are the beginning point. (BrightEdge)

2. Statistics on Google’s traffic

  • The organic search channel is extremely effective in driving both website visitors and revenue. Smart businesses use search engine optimization (SEO) as a strategic competitive advantage to tap into the potential of organic search traffic.

3. Statistics on content marketing

  • In SEO, content strategy is crucial. A well-crafted strategy caters to your customers’ needs and interests while focusing on the keywords and topics they seek. A content marketing strategy also gives you the structure to promote your business across different platforms and reach a larger audience. 

4. Statistics on search habits

  • During the research stage of the purchasing process, search engines play a significant role. When people search more generally and prefer long-form content that helps them comprehend a topic, they are in this mode. 

5. Statistics on off-page SEO (backlinks)

  • There are almost 200 ranking variables used by Google, and backlinks are one of the top three. Backlinks can be obtained through a link-building strategy or by generating in-depth content.
  • The more authoritative backlinks a website has, the more Google considers it to be an authority, resulting in higher keyword rankings.

6. SEO statistics for B2B

  • The importance of B2B SEO is even greater than that of B2C SEO. The B2B sales cycle is significantly longer because there are more decision-makers involved and higher dollar amounts at stake.
  • It’s crucial to provide high-quality, helpful content that displays your expertise, spans the whole sales funnel, and is relevant to all decision-makers.

7. Statistics on local SEO

  • Local SEO is essential for firms that cater to customers in their immediate vicinity. Improving your local search optimization can aid in the discovery of your company. 

8. SEO statistics for videos

  • An explosion of video creation and consumption has resulted from the combination of smartphones with high-quality video cameras and widespread access to high-speed internet.

9. Statistics on voice searches

  • Voice search has increased since the introduction of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. People can simply speak to them instead of typing in their searches. Voice searches, on the other hand, have distinct qualities that set them apart from written searches.
  1. SEO statistics for mobile devices
  • We now live in a mobile search universe, thanks to Google’s decision to mobile-first indexing. Brands must provide superior browsing experiences to users regardless of the device they’re using.

11. Budgeting and spending statistics in the SEO industry

  • With so much money on the line, it’s no surprise that businesses spend a lot of money on SEO.
  • As previously said, SEO has a far higher return on investment than many other marketing methods.
  1. User conduct
  • Understanding user behavior is essential to the success of any SEO campaign. Learning about the behavior of users in your target demographic can improve the outcomes of your SEO, whether you manage it in-house or work with an agency.
  1. SEO for local businesses
  • If you’re a small business owner, SEO can make a big difference in your short- and long-term success. It can assist users in discovering and learning about your firm, as well as allowing them to visit it. 
  1. Statistics on SEO and SEM
  • We may come across a variety of acronyms while developing our digital marketing plan. SEO and SEM are the two most critical aspects of an internet marketing plan.
  1. Recent Search Engine Market Share and Demographics Stats
  • Last but not least, we investigated how people use search engines and how their behavior varies by country.

Now you have understood how important SEO is for your business. So, whether you are new to SEO or using it for many years, we can help you get the success you are aiming for. 

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